Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dig my ninja empire flag?

I don't know why but I felt like making something cute last night, so I did these, maybe I'll make more down the line. Hope yous guys had a Merry Christmas, or that other thing... Heathenmas I guess it's called. I got the Back to the Future Trilogy which is the bee's knees times triplicate. My aunt got me one of those TotalGym workout machines, so I'll be like Chuck Norris if I gain a few more levels, got the red hair already covered, the beard will come... probably never as my genes don't seem to possess that ability, yet. I'll make up for it with a scar, that should account for the lost ruggedness, it is the sledding season after all, and my friends and I are quite stupid. Anyway, no Holiday themed pics, cause I've been busy for the last two weeks doing tests for the new Speed Racer show at Animation Collective and for this website: - doing minimalistic SouthParkish animation, hopin' that goes well. Other than that, just rockin' with relatives and old friends, but I'm gonna start working on my web page now. Like right now, Happy New Year gents, have fun, be RECKLESS!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I need to do more backgrounds

I've been working with Jeremie on the Animation Block Party intro, once you get to know it well enough, Flash becomes your best friend, I've liked working in it since high school. I'd post some pics of the animation but I bet that's a big no-no, we'll see. I realize I need to do more work with Backgrounds. Fill in all my gaps y'know? Here are a few samples I have, I have a few more but this is all that really fits. I really need to do more Urban scenery, another gap to fill there, but Y'see... knowing where I grew up well, ya draw what ya know... I am a nature beast.

Collection of Thesis Backgrounds
Japanese style mountain bathhouse? I should color or redo this one.

A memory from perspective class

A Background for the comic I'm doing which is Chock' Full of Video Game references

Forest path with rough pencil lines. A few years old this one is.

Cleaner lines of the middleground of the above pic

Just a glimpse of the Christmas card I'm making for my little sister.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

3D Tony Fagoogliadi

Hey check it out... you non-existent people, where are you anyway!? I should really let more than 4 of my friends know about my blog if I expect it to be seen. I'll do it this afternoon, MOM! So my buddy Jason made a 3D version of one of my foul-mouthed deadbeat dad / Italian stereotype characters, Tony Fagoogliadi. No black teeth is not an Italian stereotype, and so what if it was? I'm the most pale 1/4 Sicilian you'll ever meet, but it still counts dammit, Enough to gain duel citizenship in fact. He is known for spending his days playing/recording long hours of NHL 95' on his Sega Genesis, to make sure to record 20 perfect seasons of the Jersey Devils, a hobby that has kept him from going completely over-the-edge, the past few years. However, when his flamboyant nephew Jeffrey accidentally knocks out the power of the console one day, the consequences are a boomerang straight to the small child's loins, ouch. Yeah he's kind of a bad father, or good... depending on your point of view, you might be a bad person and think he's great. Anyway, I have a few adventures of his locked in my head that need to be drawn out some time, if the world is ready.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Just stoking the fire a bit more

Just thought I'd add another Yule log or two to the fire to keep things going. Let's see...


Now you might know of the ... SHORYUKEN!

but how do you do a SCHNITZEL BEAM!?

So it seems I might be doing a bit of freelance work this winter with the infamous Jeremie "The Bear" Duval. More on that later when I find out what's goin on. Ok what's a hot topic now... oh yeah, Christfest time and all that jazz. I've decided to get a Nintendo DS Lite, and maybe a few DVD's. There's a lot of old school RPG ports that have and will come out for that glorious system, and I hear it's much better than the PSP. I prolly should put my demo reel / thesis up here soon.

...Oh wait, do I even bother having to say this? No one's really reading this thing yet anyway, I gotta spread the word a lil better. But seeming how some people are politically correct jackasses out there, please do not take the Hitler picture with any more severity you would a clown on the side of the road holding a sign that says "Brain Surgeon".... or I'll eat a 5 layer bacon sandwich in front of your macrobiotic wicker vegan shanty and steal your ironic trucker hats. PEAZE!