Monday, April 21, 2008

Comicon - Pope 2008 ?

It was probably one of the most unplanned trips to the city I've ever been on, with two days of warning I was somehow convinced to embark on a very nerdy and expensive mission to the convention. But it turned out to be pretty fun, even with the ghostly essence of guilt floating around me caused by impending car repairs payments, I swear I wanna make a legitimate independent movie about my triumphant v-day over that evil mechanized bastard and how I utterly destroy it's cold fabricated soul for all the years of strife it has brought to my life. Did Calvin ever get the better of his bike? I'd like to think that's the kind of struggle I'm trying to illustrate here, or like, wouldn't it be funnier if like my car kidnapped my daughter? And I was taken hostage and forced to go on an airplane, but I broke the neck of the guy sitting next to me only to put a pillow under his head and tell the stewardess that "he's dead tired", followed by a daring exit through the landing gear of the 300mph plane just before take off, leading up to a righteous execution of the automative assailant with a steam pipe? Or like even better, I would be alone in my house at Christmas, and it would be trying to rob my house, but I set up all these traps so... oh yeah, nevermind. Tangents are sometimes fun, this one was not.

It was a pretty epic event, I only went for one day though, next year I'll plan it better and actually stay for the weekend. I got the usual ass load of SWAG and eyefuls of cute little girls with kitty hats and so forth, but some of my better ill gotten gains were:

This lil dealy here, signed by the architects that defined my ninja-filled childhood. A trip to mirage studios is in the near future.

Followed by an autograph from mc chris

I'll have to get the pic of me and mc from my friend's girlfriend, it's locked away in her cell phone where I can't get it. It was cool to see him again, but weird, cause it happened really unexpectedly like 2 minutes after having a conversation about him. He told me that the concert I went to see him at many years ago at Arlen's Grocery was his first performance, and that it was historic, so that was cool. I don't want to hear about how much better his sig is than mine, his wasn't hastily written in line on someone's back, plus he's 8 foot tall giant spider wearing a diaper. For now I'll leave with that, I wanna get back to drawing and stuff before bed, I feel like I didn't accomplish much today. Word I'm out.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This will be the title of my website

1. Ninja Vanish

1.Command given to ninja clans ordering them to withdraw from an area quickly, without a trace.
2.A phrase said you want to make a dramatic exit.

Tatsu: NINJA VANISH! *Foot clan retreats*

Dude: Right, I'll see you later then.
Other Dude: NINJA vanish! *runs off*

There is still work to be done, mainly I'm just trying to pick out / optimize the content. It appears I'm going to have a week of work off, so maybe soon. Taw for now chums -