Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Remember that scene where the hand comes out of the Grave in Carrie? Well... I'm back!

Did Shredder die after he fell into the back of that garbage truck? Hell naw. Not even a cold steel crushing machine capably wielded by a psychotic ex-hockey player could touch him. What about an entire dock collapsing on him? ... Wooden planks ain't got shit on shinobi, you know how many of those they split in half daily? As many as the term "Darb" was popular during prohibition. He probably would have lived if I had slain that screaming feces demon that created the third TMNT, like I was supposed to... but I guess I'm allergic to screaming demon doodoo. It's like an otherwise brilliant, shimmering Triforce of childhood awesomeness, forever tainted by the third piece they were too lazy to quest for, so they decided to make it out of yellow play-doh, but they were too lazy to find that so they just used cat shit instead. Anyway, the point (of the sword) I'm trying to make is, ninja don't die, atleast they let you think they have atleast 7 times before they actually do, and I'm maybe up to like 2 really big luls.

I've been training my artistic and physical muscles in the briefs moments I have between work, and that has left me with little time to keep the blog updated and in touch with people. Full time studio stuff is going on right now, and it's been going pretty well so far, I have a lot of fun at my job. I guess I can't really say what it is we're working on just yet, but it's pretty cool. I would just like to say I will hopefully have that website up relatively soon, it's unbelievable how far I've let that slip away from me, it's just on hiatus. It's like an RPG you get to the last boss in and just put it down for a few months after you put 50 or so hours into it. Anyhow sit tight gents, and if anybody from school is reading this, I would like to get back in touch with all of you, I'm just a little slow at that. For now, if you want just send me a comment here or shoot me an email at the usual imustbreakyou@gmail.com (Ivan Drago?) - Facebook and stuff will come later.