Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wimmy Wam Wam Wazzle!

Sup dudes? I can't understand why it seems like time is getting away from me these days. Maybe its because the amount of personal projects that don't suck for me have increased and I sometimes have a part time job to fulfill. All I did was move some brush from a tree I felled, ran 3 miles, and walked my dog... and it's bedtime. Gotta get faster at the drawing, I'm gonna work on that little handicap during my downtime, somebody get me a stopwatch. Ready... set...

LET'S GO!!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ogre Men

Salut! Ya' cheese-eaters. This here is a character from my would-be Dethklok show, if Brendon Small hadn't robbed me of ideas in my sleep... He is the Bass player of the band and has a more laid back Chaotic-Neutral personality to contrast the other folks on the show, which lean more towards decadent bastardism. He wields a rotten eternally stinky piece of meat, and no matter how many bites he takes from it, and how many skulls he crushes with it, it never disappears. I think I'll let this awkward unemployment thing go on for another week or two, everyday will be invested in improving my raw ability, or filling in technical knowledge of software with tutorials. However, I'm getting a little tired of it, if the local job I mentioned previously doesn't happen I'm going to try and mingle with some of the folks down at a studio in Norwich, where they do Scholastic stuff. We'll see... don't want to jump the gun just yet.

Which color do you prefer?

Must gain some levels in photoshop coloring... Taw!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Time to use the moon stone on the pikachu...

Hello my little droogies, It's about time I add some real people to my links so it's not just imaginary friends partaking in this humble little periodical. So as things stand now with my career business, I'm currently on hold for doing some kind of After Effects work on a documentary for Vh1... I passed a test to get it and it's greenlit, but things are looking a lil uncertain with that at the moment. Atop that mountain of prolly-not-gonna-happen I know definitely have a job waiting for me at a small studio near my hometown at the end of this month, they do artwork for various Lego products... 3D and 2D. There's a lot of small projects beneath that, like people coming up to me and asking for a band album cover and so forth. I want something to happen soon, but it hasn't got me down really, I'm highly motivated usually draw or watch tutorials 6 hours a day if I can. I have a part time job for the time being which keeps me in shape, and utilizes my artistic ability on occasion... basically I could be doing one of these seemingly arbitrary activities to keep myself from becoming a complete financial slug-vampire: Treework, Blacksmithing, Landscaping, Website Design, and Sketches of proposed metalworking projects for clients. All for the same guy. Pays well, I've lost 15 pounds and feel pretty awesome, but it'll be nice to work in my field once again. Now I better get on to adding you guys and getting back to work. Here's some good times for you... Dynomiiiiiiite!

A few more life drawings from this summer

LoL Dingle Wang Dang Doodles LoL

A few inks for a comic I hope to make for http://www.screwattack.com - I seem to be taking small gnibbles at this project perodically. I really should just break some chains and rock your face with this comic. We'll see...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Last Tuesday's Life Drawing Class

Just a few pics from last Tuesday's model drawing class. I've been trying to do one session a week since early on this summer, in Washington Depot, CT. So far I think they've definitely helped me out a lot, I can't really stand much Life Drawings I did before this summer, though they are not forgotten. Anyway, it's been almost a week since I began and I haven't gotten this battle station fully armed and operational yet, so I'll try and get on that tommorow...

Monday, November 5, 2007

Like a f***ing Phoenix from the ashes...

Greetings to all artastic ninjas out there, I figure that Guy Fawkes day would be an appropriate time to explode back into the ether known as blogging, what a horrible word that is, I’m gonna try never to use it as long as I’m posting stuff on here, a difficult but noble task indeed. Anyway, if you went to school with me in New York, it’s pretty much guaranteed that we’ve lost touch over these past months and for all you know I could be dead. Despite going through both Mono and Lyme’s disease this summer I’m not a zombie yet, and to prove to those miscreants out there who say I’ve lost my edge ( I don’t know of any, but you know who you are, and you’re fat and smelly ) that you couldn’t be further from the perpetually gleaming aura of truth, pulsating with the light of a thousand gleaming Shinkuu Hadokens, which by the way can easily be dispatched with any simple pantomime from this here Connecticutian. I'm here to do my best to make sure that edge stays intact, and perhaps someday becomes wielded by the hand of giant tyrannochucknaurus... with tank treads instead of legs. I’ll begin posting more soon and letting you know of the career adventures I’m going through right now, no weeping about ex-girlfriends or crappy poetry I assure you, just pictures really. This first diatribe is mainly just to act as a pilot light to make sure I don't procrastinate anymore with getting this thing started. So I guess I’ll catch you kids later, I'll start making the proper calibrations to this bloggity beast as soon as I can, but I need to get some work done right now. Taw!