Thursday, January 10, 2008

Little Mac Attack

Eh ya know, you listen to a little too much Survivor you start drawing things like this. Mike Tyson's Punchout was one of my favorite games growing up, even though I sucked badly at it. I remember when I first got it, Glass Joe used to hand my ass to me, must've surprised him. Later on in my prime for the SNES version I was able to beat Nick Bruiser in like 20 seconds, if that matters to anyone, didn't think so.

But anyway, this poor schlub needed like a fire ladder to reach his Godzilla opponents, apparently there is no such thing as a weight class in video boxing. Little Mac is like Rocky times a thousand, and it's sweet that he's going to be in the new Smash Bros. Anyway, I think I'll try and focus mainly on my website now, anyday now folks. Taw

"Join the Nintendo Fun Club today!"

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Maxed out my RAM finally.

Well so no 'Go Speed Racer', oh well. In my opinion it didn't come out so bad, but there are a few issues I would have fixed that I see now. I still have one test being processed at the moment I'm waiting on. Even if it doesn't happen I'm not gonna be discouraged, I got plenty to work on, but it'd be nice. I might have to take on another 2-3 day a week part time job that isn't related to animation just to have some form of play money. I got the foundation of a web page done, now I just need to figure out what content should go on and how to arrange it. I could prolly have that done in 2 days, but I haven't thought of a great name yet. Are Street Fighter special move names copyrighted? I have an idea... anyway, I'll have something more concrete in a few days.

Check out our buddy JimGroo's new dealy here. Nice Work man!

And yet another link of recommendation. God Slayer A Cal Arts film that's pretty rad.

The colors of the background were referenced from somebody else's work, but I liked them so much I had to use them.