Friday, May 16, 2008

Kinda New Reel

So anyways, I put up a new reel, it's nicer, but since I can't put in any tests I did for studios, and most of the stuff I did for Lego is not animated, there isn't much new stuff in it. So I'm going to resurrect and develop a few ideas to make some quickies in the future, I've been trying to illustratify lately rather than do animafications, so I promise you'll see some funny stuff in the future that actually moves. Let's see, I finally got the website up to snuff, but there's a whole dimension of bureacratic tediousness attached to transferring an old domain name, so I am foiled once again, it's like opening a whole new can of worms, except they are those evil sand worms from Beetlejuice, tragic. So I'm not gonna get into that, my car is winning the battle in douchebaggery again, somehow losing a key has set off a chain reaction of events that has lead up to a total cost of 350$ (The locksmith broke my alarm system on my over-engineered car that is notorious for having bad wiring). -Insert segue - I'm animating somewhat in Maya, though I do it sporadically, more to prove that I can do it than anything, so I'll probably put those up in the future. And stay straight... err... safe.

And here's that pic of me and mc chris. I was doing the same face he was, we're both Chris's's's afterall, but I guess I blinked, way to suck.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Doodle Mash Up

Here is just a mash up of drawings that have accumulated on my desk over the last month or so, not really anything fully colored, just sketches. I figure I'd post em up and then like move on to some more specific personal projects, because all I do is seem to sit upon 4 stories, which I know could have moxie, given the chance, but if they remain eggs for too long they just might up gettin eaten, by metaphorical weasels... that live inside my head, in other words I'll lose interest if I'm not careful. So anyway, some of these are old, some are new, and some are specific to the aforementioned stories, mainly the ninja ones, most are just for fun. Later.