Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Maxed out my RAM finally.

Well so no 'Go Speed Racer', oh well. In my opinion it didn't come out so bad, but there are a few issues I would have fixed that I see now. I still have one test being processed at the moment I'm waiting on. Even if it doesn't happen I'm not gonna be discouraged, I got plenty to work on, but it'd be nice. I might have to take on another 2-3 day a week part time job that isn't related to animation just to have some form of play money. I got the foundation of a web page done, now I just need to figure out what content should go on and how to arrange it. I could prolly have that done in 2 days, but I haven't thought of a great name yet. Are Street Fighter special move names copyrighted? I have an idea... anyway, I'll have something more concrete in a few days.

Check out our buddy JimGroo's new dealy here. Nice Work man!

And yet another link of recommendation. God Slayer A Cal Arts film that's pretty rad.

The colors of the background were referenced from somebody else's work, but I liked them so much I had to use them.

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